Our mission

Our mission is to promote and encourage the high quality swimming performance across the Bolton region. Currently the club has over 70 swimmers (ages 8 to 19) in the main squads. As a performance squad, it enters swim meets all over the country, up to and including National Championships. The squad has also travelled to a number of European countries to compete.

During its existence BMSS has produced several representatives for Great Britain at the Olympics and Commonwealth Games. As well as producing World record holders, national age group record holders and many national swimmers. Just recently two of our swimmers qualified as finalists for the “Target Tokyo” finals at the recent 2016 Olympic Trials. We are also very proud to boast that we have within squad a current Para-swimmer national champion. BMSS continues to seek out new talented swimmers from all local clubs and schools. The local swimming clubs throughout the North West Manchester area refer their talented swimmers to BMSS for their ongoing development. We maintain links with the wider community by having a “Development” Group, currently with 25 swimmers where we aim to develop these into the next crop of regional and national champions.

Our Ethos

Our ethos as a swim squad is to strive for excellence and make sure that swimmers aim to be the best that they can be. We promote with our swimmers that they value incentive and value enthusiasm. Swimming is a great sport for children and young adults to participate in as it promotes great life skills that they develop through swimming. As well as developing great fitness - “A healthy body leads to a healthy mind as promoted in the press recently” - It instils skills that they will keep for life as they reach adulthood and into their working life.

  • Dedication through hard work – Swimming is a tough sport, our swimmers train between 8-14hrs per week 48 weeks of the year. They understand from an early age, that great performances are not by chance but through hard work and dedication.
  • Teamwork – swimmers have to work in teams, working together in squad sessions and in galas to get the best out of themselves in training and at race meets.
  • Communication – from a young age swimmers build communication skills with their coaches and officials.
  • Responsibility – We believe that swimmers take responsibility for their swimming. This means being on time, being prepared to train and race with the right equipment.

Very few swimmers will make it to the Olympics, but our ethos is to develop them to be the best they can be in swimming whatever level they reach but also to take those learnt life skills into their future life so that they can be the best they can be at school, as individuals and into their adulthood.