All coaching and pool costs are paid from fees and we do not receive financial support from local councils or other sporting bodies. 

Monthly Fees

Fees are paid monthly by standing order. Please contact your squad rep or the membership secretary for 

Annual Membership Fees

In addition to the monthly fee there is an annual membership fee.

For existing members this fee is payable in January, for new members this fee is payable at the time of membership. This fee includes the membership of one parent.

ASA Membership

Joining the ASA makes you part of a well-regulated governing body that is always developing initiatives to forward the sport and is dedicated to allowing all our members to achieve their full potential.

Because full membership is only available via an affiliated club or affiliated body, you will also benefit from a club structure offering advice and guidance on a range of issues and a club using ASA qualified teachers and coaches. All members receive insurance cover which includes Civil Liability, Personal Accident and Legal Advice. Members of the ASA also benefit from preferential rates from a number of companies. Please note that all swimmers over 9yrs are to be registed as category 2.