Level 4 Squad

Entry on to the programme takes place either in September, January or April of each swimming season. Swimmers can move to Level 4 via Level 3 or directly from their club, trials will be held during August, December and March for swimmers wishing to join. All swimmers are expected to be fully committed to the following aims and objectives:


  • To place swimmers in National / Regional competitions, finals and achieve medals
  • To place swimmers on National / Regional programmes.
  • To place swimmers on Regional Teams

Swimmers, parents, committee members and coaches are all expected to comply with the BMSS Code of Conduct at all times and behave to the highest standards.


The objectives of the Level 4 programme are to provide an environment where each swimmer can:

  • Continue to develop technical skills on all 4 strokes
  • Improve their knowledge of stroke mechanics
  • Further develop tactical and mental skills required to assist and improve performance
  • Improve their knowledge of nutrition and hydration
  • Improve their aerobic conditioning
  • Be introduced to anaerobic conditioning (Race Pace / Preparation)
  • Further develop basic speed and power
  • Further develop IM Skills
  • Develop and implement an appropriate competition plan
  • Gain greater responsibility for swimming commitment and performance