Club Shop Open

We are pleased to say that the second Swimzi Bolton Metro Club Shop is now open.  Please be advised that this will close on Wednesday 31st October 2018.  Orders after this time can not be processed and we have had some disappointments previously.  

The next shop window may not be open now until well into the New Year which would put the next delivery into potentially May or June 2019. So put your orders in now to avoid disappointment

Offers from Swimzi

The first offer (never offered to any other club) is 10% off the new Club Kit bag.  These are not subject to minimum orders.   

The second offer is 20% off the sports sublimated Hoodie.  .  The Hoodie is a lightweight 4 way sports stretch material ideal for around poolside or when walking up to the blocks!!!!  This is subject to a minimum 30 orders.    

These offers are a one off discount on the full price and will not be repeated.

Please find below for clarification.

Club Provided Hats and Shirts

There is still the option to gain a free hat and shirt from the club on the website.  However this option is now for new members only and is being checked against existing member details who should have received a free shirt.   

If you are a new member please select one zero cost fully personalised shirt and zero cost personalised hat off the options from the online shop.  Please check these are at zero cost in your shopping basket when adding to your order as they form part of your joining fee to squad. 

If you are unsure then please contact  Ellen at: 


This remains mandatory for every member.  Please ensure you have your SURNAME only on your shirt and at least one hat for gala / championships etc.  This is being checked by the coaches now and forms part of essential kit. 

Any other personalisation offered by Swimzi is your own choice i.e TOWELS,BAGS etc

Spare Hats

The club has a small supply of plain Swimzi club hats these are prioritised as a small emergency supply for each group (loss, damage etc) and new members who may be joining squad between club shop openings.  Please can we ask that you order your personalised / plain hats through the website when you have the opportunity to do so.