Rossall Swim Camp 2019

Rossall Camp is an annual swim camp, held over five days, whereby 30 or so swimmers, aged 10-13 years wave good-bye to their parents and embark on a strenuous but fun-packed swim camp run by Bolton Metro’s Assistant Head Coach Antony Evitts aswell as various Team Managers. The camp is carefully planned, enabling the swimmers to maximise each part of their experience.

Day 1 – Saturday

This year, 25 swimmers arrived on a not so bright Saturday morning, it was certainly early though at 6:30am! They soon said their good-byes and were whisked away to find out who they would be sharing rooms with before entering the pool at 7am. After a successful 2-hour swim session they headed for breakfast, with gym games and lunch to follow. The afternoon allowed them some free-time to explore followed by a 1.5 hour Mindfulness & Well being session, which included the swimmers being introduced to positive thinking and ways to meditate.

Early evening focussed on Distance Freestyle swimming session led by Ant, followed by dinner and relaxation before lights out and some much needed sleep.

Saturday’s Coaches Swimmer of the Day award was Ruby for holding a blistering pace on the 20 x 200 freestyle.

  • Hours of swimming = 4
  • Metres swum = 10,550m

Day 2 – Sunday

Sunday was another early rise of 6am followed by their morning swim session. Today’s stroke focussed on Butterfly. Each session saw swimmers combine a series of drills alongside some longer distance swimming in the evening. Each swimmer completed 50 x 50m Fly, some even without fins!

After a much needed breakfast and relax the swimmers were back in the gym hall – doing a series of core strength activities. Following on from lunch, they all took part in a team building exercise of building structures with marshmallows and spaghetti. A physio was scheduled in the afternoon, to discuss and educate the swimmers on the importance of warm-up and cool-down practices. They were introduced to TheraBand exercises aswell as information to prevent common injuries associated with swimming. During the evening the swimmers relaxed with ‘Quiz night’ followed by a half hour team meeting to prepare for the day ahead.

Sunday’s Coaches Swimmer of the Day award was Kelsey for completing the 50 x 50s fly without fins.

  • Hours of swimming = 4
  • Metres swum = 10,570m

Day 3 – Monday

A little later get-up of 7am with a pre-swim brekkie before heading to the pool at 8:30am, today’s stroke focus was Backstroke, which included many drills in the morning followed by a distance evening session. The main set was no small feat, which was 10 x 300m back with some swimmers doing even more than that.

During the non-swimming parts of the day, swimmers had gym sessions and fun based gym games with an afternoon walk to the beach. The evening saw highly competitive rounds of Fusbal being played with team Mini Metro being declared the winner!

Monday’s Coaches Swimmer of the Day award was Archie for 12 x 300m Backstroke.

  • Hours of swimming = 4
  • Metres swum = 10,650m

Day 4 – Tuesday

The last full day started with a hot breakfast before the 8:30am swim session. Today’s swimming focussed on Breastroke, the morning consisted of a big kick set with the evening session saw the main set consist of 10 x 200m Breastroke swim.

Once again, the swimmers were back in the gym hall doing land-based training followed by gym games and team building exercises with a much needed lunch break in-between. Following the afternoon swim session, the children all took part in a pool competition before a quick team brief and lights-out. There was many a tired child by this point!

Monday’s Coaches Swimmer of the Day award was Elise who performed brilliantly in both morning and evening sessions.

  • Hours of swimming = 4
  • Metres swum = 10,750m

Day 5 – Wednesday

The final morning before their 1:30pm pick-up. It was straight to breakfast before heading back to the pool for their final 3-hour session, the much awaited Double-Olympic set. Each and every swimmer braved and succeeded in completing all Olympic events, not once but twice. This amounted to over 7 kilometres of swimming, only to be followed by an intense hour in the gym before lunch.

Wednesday’s Coaches Swimmer of the Day award was Grace for an awesome effort in the Double-Olympic set.

  • Hours of swimming = 3
  • Metres swum = 7,500m

Over the course of 5 days, the swimmers spent an impressive 19 hours in the water and swam over 30 miles. Completed almost 10 hours of gym based activities and spent 10 hours eating!

A message from Antony.

“Well-done to those who completed the training camp over half term at Rossall School. This was without a doubt the toughest group that’s ever been involved in the camp with not one single swimmer missing a metre throughout the 5 days. A brilliant atmosphere and effort throughout the camp to get the work done as we push on through the season and the up-coming meets ”.