BMSS Galas

Bolton Metro hold 3 galas per year.

  • The November sprint meet
  • Rising Stars Gala in spring
  • The Duel in the Pool gala

November Sprint Gala

This a level 3 meet with all sprint events as well as Medley events. A great meet for all level of swimmers from those new to racing or those looking for qualifying times for the county championships.

Rising Stars Gala

The Rising Stars Gala has no qualifying times making it ideal for younger swimmers or those new to racing to get race experience. All sprint and medley events are available

Duel in the Pool Gala

This is an open meet open to all clubs, as an incentive to get more swimmers involved it is run as a duel in the pool against Bolton Metro. As well as a prize for top visiting club, should the top visiting club accumulate more total points than BMSS then they will be winners of Duel in the Pool and win a cash prize. Events such as Skins and 200m events are included.

Entry information for all upcoming BMSS Galas can be found here