Welfare Officer

Hannah Cork

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility 

Everyone who works with children has a responsibility for keeping them safe; this includes teachers and coaches and all who are employed or volunteer to work with children in the sport sector. No single individual can have a full picture of a child’s needs and circumstances and, if children and families are to receive the right help at the right time, everyone who comes into contact with them has a role to play in identifying concerns, sharing information and taking prompt action. In order that organisations and practitioners collaborate effectively, it is vital that every individual working with children and families is aware of the role that they have to play and the role of other professionals. In addition, effective safeguarding requires clear local arrangements for collaboration between professionals and agencies. 

The welfare officer has the primary responsibility to receive and manage child safeguarding issues for your organisation. In the case of Bolton Metro, the Welfare Officer is Hannah Cork.  The primary role of the Welfare Officer is to be the first point of contact for club staff, volunteers, young people and parents for any issues concerning child welfare, poor practice or potential or alleged abuse. If you are a member of an Swim England organisation, or the parent of a member, and your concern is regarding another member or the parent of a member, you must refer the matter to the welfare officer. This is fully confidential and will not be discussed with other members/ coaches unless the need arises, and you will be informed should this be the case.

The welfare officer can be contacted here at bmss.welfare@outlook.com, please email her if you have any questions or issues related to welfare. In the case of welfare issues which require immediate attention she can be contacted at  07900 946662.

Useful welfare information for parents

Ensuring your children’s safety at swimming clubs – click here

Kidscape on 08451 205 204 this is for young people who are being bullied. It is available Monday-Friday 10am-4pm or alternatively you can visit their web page on www.Kidscape.org.uk.

Childline on 0800 1111 for general advice or if you just need to talk calls are free and don’t show up on the phone bill so are totally confidential. Their web page can be found at www.nspcc.og.uk

Swimline on 0808 100 4001 this is an Swim England helpline number. You will need to provide them with a telephone number and time when a trained and experienced Safeguarding team member or Swimliner can call you back. Alternatively if you need to speak to someone immediately hold on the line after the message to be put through to the NSPCC helpline.

Wavepower 2016-19 is the latest Swim England Child. Safeguarding Policies and Procedures publication which replaces all previous versions. It has been produced to assist in safeguarding and protecting children in our sport and must be adopted by all Swim England affiliated clubs and organisations.

For a full copy please click here

Other useful documents